Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go Big or Go Home!

Usually the only thing that goes big with me, is my bouffant of hair. So in deciding to embark on my little diet, why did I have to start in October? Couldn't I start in January? All I would have to lose is 1 pound. That's it. Just 1 pound. The WHOLE MONTH. But like they say, Go Big or Go home.

Yesterday I weighed myself and began the 10 for 10. I have been sick for the past 4 days, and took that into consideration. Especially since I haven't been able to eat much. Medicine making my tummy hurt. Yet, I wasn't going to allow that to hinder my journey. Today, I'm feeling slightly better. I was sure to eat more than yesterday and keep track as well. There are so many Apps to choose from and another post will be about the ones I'm using. Gotta play with them.

As dinner time is approaching, I'm faced with the decision of what to make. Usually I make the same things. Pasta. Chicken. Yes, I do have pasta planned for tonight, but I may shake it up a bit. Crazy!

Friday, September 30, 2011

10 for 10

Every New Year's, I make a resolution to lose weight. Just a few pounds. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, I fail at keeping this resolution. I try again around my birthday. A few pounds. A new me, I say. And you guessed it. Fail. Why do I fail? Why do I lack the will power to do it? I set a goal and can never achieve it. Perhaps it is all of the Number 2 Value Meals at McDonald's that I love to pick up for dinner (french fries with barbeque sauce can't go wrong). Or watching Netflix or reading (secretly addicted to fanfic). I'm a grown woman. I know the reasons why. Unmotivated. Lazy. Unsuccessful.

I watched Dr. Oz today and the show was how to boost your metabolism in 7 days. Sounded easy and the plan is simple. Even I can manage to do it. What made his plan sound so good, was the fact that you start small. Not some crazy goal of losing 25 pounds in a month. Let's be real, for that to happen I'd need a lot of motivation and McDonald's to shut down. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Then I had one of those "Aha Moments" that Oprah always talked about (yeah, I secretly miss her show). Tomorrow is October 1. What if I lost 10 pounds for the tenth month? 10 for 10? Instantly I was motivated. I got online and printed out Dr. Oz's plan. Searched other sites. Even signed back up on SparkPeople. I texted my girl and she was in. In turn she told a friend who decided to jump in too!

Of course in my excitement, I thought well November is the 11th month, so 11 pounds next month and 12 for December, and so on. How easy would be to lose the number of pounds that correspond to the month? I call it "The Calendar Diet." Each month that is my goal. Lose the pounds according to the number of the month. It's focused. Achievable.

Tomorrow the diet will start. How many times have we all said that? LOL But it will. Right after I'm done eating the bag of Peanut M&M's I bought.